Project Designer

Lauren Harrison

  • Brass or woodwinds? Brass
  • Breakfast early or breakfast late? Breakfast late
  • Julia Morgan or Zaha Hadid? Zaha Hadid
  • Mississippi River or Potomac River? Potomac River
  • Binge watch or stretch it out? Binge watch
  • Peacock or porcupine? Peacock
  • Rome or Buenos Aires? Rome
  • Wild boar hunt or scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunt
  • Pick the lock or climb in a window? Neither. I’m not a rule breaker.
  • Have the argument or dodge the argument? Have the argument
  • Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keefe? Frida Kahlo
  • La Boca or Belgrano? Belgrano
  • Blizzard or heat wave? Blizzard
  • Busy weekend or chill weekend? Chill weekend
"In Rome sometimes the architecture hits you like celebrity. You see a street or a building you’ve heard about all your life, and it’s like, “I just saw Brad Pitt!” "