Senior Designer

Lauren Perich

  • Florence or Venice? Florence
  • Mule or goat? Mule
  • Radiator won’t turn off or air conditioner won’t turn on? Radiator won’t turn off
  • Onyx or jade? Jade
  • Boston Harbor or San Francisco Bay? Boston Harbor
  • Educated guess or wait till you’ve checked? Both
  • Rachel Maddow or Oprah Winfrey? Oprah Winfrey
  • Corner or curve? Corner
  • Every day free or every day planned? Every day free
  • Biscotti or donut? Donut
  • 1776 or 2076 1776
  • Red Sox or Celtics? Red Sox
  • Sketch on paper or sketch on computer? Sketch on paper
  • Brood about it or let it go? Brood about it
  • Jump the ditch or walk to the crossing? Jump the ditch
“I’ve always seen San Francisco and Boston as sister cities. There are definitely differences [between] East Coast perspective and West Coast perspective, but blending two strengths that are very different but still have commonalities is where some of the magic happens.”