Project Designer

Leah Lin

  • Argue the point or let it go? Argue the point
  • Ariel or Prospero? Ariel
  • Autumn or Spring? Summer
  • Brooklyn or Manhattan? Brooklyn
  • Design for function or design to inspire? Design to inspire
  • Feels like home or still looking? Still looking
  • Gelato or espresso? Gelato
  • Goat or pig? Pig
  • Kyoto or Rome? Kyoto
  • Leather or canvas? Leather
  • Make a sculpture or create a film? Make a sculpture
  • Pack what you need or buy it when you get there? Buy it when you get there
  • Solo show or group show? Solo show
  • Win an Oscar or win the Pritzker? Win the Pritzker
"Working in design or film requires a lot of collaboration. You always work with other people, and you might not be the decision-maker. But as an artist, you really need to take control. I feel like that's the duality. Two sides of me as a person and as a designer."