Project Designer

Marbel Padilla

  • Ocean Beach or Huntington Beach Huntington Beach
  • California Burrito or Sushirito? California Burrito
  • One dog or ten dogs? Ten dogs
  • Balloon Girl or flower guy? Flower guy
  • Movie soundtrack or Movie score? Soundtrack
  • Forgot your umbrella or forgot your jacket? Umbrella
  • iTunes or Spotify? iTunes
  • Skip breakfast or skip dinner? Skip dinner
  • Remote island or city center? Remote island
  • Hotline bling or best I ever had? Best I Ever Had
  • Costume party or stay home? Costume party
  • Sneakers or platforms? Platforms
  • Read the news or ignorance is bliss? Ignorance is bliss
  • Coffee or Tea Coffee
"The sand at Huntington Beach is softer and you can go in the water. I love being in the water. It’s how I grew up.”
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