Project Manager

Marian Morioka

  • Always connected or off the grid? Always connected
  • Apple or pineapple? Apple
  • Artful graffiti or a clean wall? Artful graffiti
  • Beach or mountains? Mountains
  • Brainstorm a project or value engineer? Brainstorm a project
  • Bright colors or muted colors? Bright colors
  • Cheetah or gazelle? Cheetah
  • Cloudy or clear? Clear
  • Design for bankers or design for musicians? Design for musicians
  • Livestream or see it in theater? See it in theater
  • Sleep on it or talk all night? Sleep on it
  • Start the mutiny or quell the mutiny? Depends on the circumstances...
  • Wine country or wild country? Wine country
  • Work in the office or work from home? Work from home
"I think good design comes from an environment that has a lot of humor in it. And it has an almost undisciplined discipline. You can tell when a project has really had a lot of love put into it because the details are pulled together, consistency of the concept is there. It visually just works."