Project Designer

Maryam Batouli

  • Tea or Coffee? Tea
  • Beach or Forest? Beach
  • Green or Blue? Blue
  • Organic or Geometric shapes? Organic Shapes
  • Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset
  • Running or Jogging? Jogging
  • Shopping Online or In The Store? Shopping Online
  • Flowers or Succulents? Succulents
  • Growing new plants from seeds or propagating plants from cuttings? I like to propagate plants from cuttings
  • Meat or Seafood? Seafood
  • Heels or Sneakers? Both. My favorite shoes are a gray and rose gold Converse.
  • Swim in the ocean or Swim in the pool? Swim in the pool
  • Pie or Baklava? Baklava
  • Ambitious failure or Modest success? Modest success
"My favorite aspect of the design process is creating cohesive concepts that maintain a consistent design language."