Marketing Coordinator

Melanie Brignone

  • Duck into a taxi or walk in the rain? Walk in the rain
  • Film horses or film people? Film people
  • Before the party or after the party? Before the party
  • Splinter in your finger or sand in your eye? Sand in your eye
  • Provence or Sonoma? Of course! Provence
  • Wolf or bear? Bear
  • Sneakers and jeans or dressed to kill? Depends on the situation
  • Living abroad or living at home? Living abroad
  • Win the argument or make the peace? Make the peace
  • Bookstore or art gallery? Art gallery
  • Rive droite or rive gauche? Rive gauche
  • Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron? Emmanuel Macron
  • Potatoes or rice? Potatoes
  • Fully connected or off the grid? Off the grid
"At first we drew a floor plan and then an elevation and then we drew the people—just four or five lines and I thought, “Yeah. I like those guys!” But they were like, you know, my first people on paper."