Project Designer

Mhalu Dizon

  • Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge? Bay Bridge
  • Be the mom or be the daughter? Be the mom
  • Bright colors or black and white? Black and white
  • Design a kitchen or design a restaurant? Design a restaurant
  • J.Lo or Beyonce? Beyonce
  • Krispy Kreme or SK Donut and Cronut? SK Donut and Cronut
  • Long walk or short drive? Long walk
  • Portrait or landscape? Both
  • Roses or tulips? Peonies
  • Sailboat or kayak? I get motion sickness...
  • Scrape your knee or bump your head? Ouch!
  • Run from the surf or get your feet wet? Get your feet wet
  • Speak out or sit back and listen? Sit back and listen and then speak out
  • Wolf or bear? Neither
"I love being a mom, but sometimes my daughter—she’s grown now and it’s like a reverse thing. She’s the mom. She watches over me now. All your life you’re nurturing this person and then this person becomes an adult, and they start telling you their opinions and making sure you got home safe."