Michael Griffin

  • Keurig or Brewed? Brewed
  • Dog slobber or Dog hair? Slobber
  • Math or History? Math
  • Graphs or Tables? Tables
  • Subway or Quiznos? Quiznos
  • In the theater or Rent a movie? In the theater
  • Mike Wallace or Peter Jennings? Peter Jennings
  • Whale or Dolphin? Dolphin
  • Deserted Island or Crowded City? Deserted Island
  • Dishwasher or Hand wash? Dishwasher
  • Tech savvy or Paper pusher? Tech savvy
  • Aliens or Alone? Alone
  • Balancing the budget or Preparing taxes? Balancing the budget
  • Underline or Highlight? Highlight
“I hope people kind of understand the role I play in the organization. Similar to the folks in the office making beautiful spaces—making beautiful spreadsheets invigorates me.”