Design Director

Mindi Weichman

  • Morning on the ranch or morning in Manhattan? Morning in Manhattan
  • Marinara or pesto? Pesto
  • Team of newbies or team of old hands? Team of old hands
  • Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction
  • Bluegrass or classical? Bluegrass
  • Wow design or subtle details? Subtle details
  • Italy or Germany? Italy
  • Take something for it or tough it out? Tough it out
  • Colt or goat? Colt
  • Deadline or take your time? Deadline
  • Plan the project or build the project? Both
  • Sabbatical or many short breaks? Sabbatical
  • Serve on the jury or thanked and excused? Thanked and excused
  • Hard hat or fascinator? Hard hat
"I know how to saddle a horse. I know how to ride a horse. That’s actually one of my favorite things about going to visit the ranch: riding a horse. Because it’s another just really peaceful thing."