Design Director

Mindi Weichman

  • Smitten Kitchen or The Pioneer Woman? Smitten Kitchen
  • California or French Wine? French
  • Uber or Lyft? Uber
  • Classic or Bohemian? Classic
  • Greece or Spain? Greece
  • Vogue or The New Yorker? Vogue
  • Veggies or Fruit? Fruit
  • Rural or Urban? Both. I can't pick one.
  • Down to Earth or Dreamer? Down to Earth
  • Asking questions or Answering questions? Both
  • Recipe or Experiment? Generally recipe
  • Fleet Week or America's Cup? America's Cup
  • Designer shoes or Designer bag? You can't have one without the other.
  • Paper or Digital? Digital
“The craziest shoes I have are a pair of sky-high, neon yellow heels from Kate Spade. I bought them to wear to a wedding in New Jersey. I felt like I needed something that said New Jersey because the rest of my outfit was black and simple. I refer to them as my New Jersey Wedding Shoes.”