Project Designer

Minji Kim

  • DD set or CD set? CD set
  • Dream big or keep it real? Dream big
  • Façades or interiors? Façades
  • Freeway or surface streets? Surface streets
  • LA in the morning or LA at night? LA in the morning
  • Lightning bug or ladybug? Lightning bug
  • “Parasite” or “The Host”? “Parasite”
  • Plans for the weekend or no plans for the weekend? No plans for the weekend
  • Shin Saimdang or Haegue Yang? Shin Saimdang
  • Skip breakfast or skip lunch? Skip breakfast
  • South Carolina or Mississippi? South Carolina
  • Sure you’re right or see both sides? That’s tricky.
  • Textured or smooth? Smooth
  • Walk out on a dud or stay until the end? Walk out on a dud
"I always loved art and science but, in Korea, being an artist is not an easy life. So, I chose to be an engineer. I worked as a hardware engineer a little bit in Korea. After that experience, I decided to study again for architecture. Engineering is fine, but it’s not really fun."