Designer - Brand

Minnee Pham

  • Bright color or soft color? Both!
  • Wait for what you need or go with what you have? Go with what I have
  • Up late or up early? Up late
  • Turtle or frog? Turtle
  • Direct the show or star in the show? Star in the show
  • Sunny or stormy? Sunny
  • Binh Tay Market or Ben Thanh Market? Ben Thanh Market
  • Travel the world or find your place and stay? Travel the world
  • Disagree or keep it to yourself? Keep it to myself
  • Cartoon or portrait? Cartoon
  • Sketch on paper or sketch on a computer? Sketch on paper
  • Mango ice cream or mango sticky rice? Mango sticky rice
  • Page layout or illustration? Illustration
  • Movie at home or movie in a theater? I'd make my own cinema!
"I love doodling. If you see my desk: doodles everywhere! Just simple everyday life. Like how I was busy at work. How I had too much coffees per day. Random things. Very random."