Nicolle Landowski

  • LA or SF? LA
  • Boat or houseboat? Houseboat
  • Argue the point or let it slide? Let it slide
  • Overarching structure or fine details? Fine details
  • Pencil or ink? Ink
  • King Kong or Godzilla? King Kong
  • Pancakes or waffles? Waffles
  • Build by a river or build on a hill? Build on a hill
  • Talk back to your TV or hit mute? Hit mute
  • Hide or seek? Seek
  • Win by one point or win in a blowout? Win by one point
  • Ostrich or giraffe? Giraffe
  • Hat or no hat? No hat
  • Scary or funny? Funny
“When I went to Amsterdam and met all these people staying in hostels they would ask me about cities in America and I realized I really hadn’t been anywhere in America. So I’ve been trying to take weekend trips, just kind of hitting up key spots around the country.”