Co-Founder & Principal

Primo Orpilla

  • Remise or Feint? Feint
  • Geometric or Organic? Organic
  • Tasting Menu or A La Carte? Tasting Menu
  • Eagle or Owl? Owl
  • Flatiron or the Chrysler Building? Chrysler
  • Red Eye or Afternoon Flight? Red Eye
  • Outdoor or Indoor? Indoor
  • Raincoat or Umbrella? Raincoat
  • Save for a rainy day or Live in the moment? Live in the moment
  • Automatic or Manual? PDK
  • Steph Curry or Andrew Bogut? Steph Curry
  • Myths or Facts? Facts
  • Comfort or Location? Location
  • Short and Sweet or Long and Detailed? Long and detailed
“I'm a hoarder. I've been told I'm in need of an intervention. I hang onto things because I think I'll need them in the future. I can draw design inspiration from them.”