Senior Business Development Manager

Rachelle Meneses

  • New york city or upstate new york? New York City
  • Big dinner or big dessert? BOTH
  • Stub your toe or jam your thumb? Stub your toe
  • New song or sing-a-long? New song
  • Cher or Dionne? Dionne
  • Win by 20 or win at the buzzer? At the buzzer
  • Ensaymada or Pandesal? Ensaymada
  • Walk in the rain or walk in the snow? Walk in the snow
  • Take a nap or go to bed early? Take a nap
  • Get a present or give a present? Give a present
  • Binge watch or savor each episode Binge
  • Wear a watch or check your phone? Both
  • Drive for 6 hours or fly for 6 hours? Fly
  • Self-control or Treat yourself? Treat yourself!