Senior Designer

Raechel Schofield

  • Animals dressed as humans or babies dressed as animals? Animals dressed as humans
  • AutoCAD or Revit? Revit
  • Cheap client or indecisive client? Indecisive client
  • City or countryside? Countryside
  • Comedian in a serious film or serious actor in a comedy? Serious actor in a comedy
  • Golden Gate Bridge or Sydney Harbor Bridge? Golden Gate Bridge
  • Halloween or Christmas? Christmas
  • Hamburgers or hot dogs? Neither
  • Kangaroo or koala? Kangaroo
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Australia or SFMOMA? SFMOMA
  • Phone call or text? Depends on who
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast? Read a book
  • RGB or CMYK? RGB
  • Water balloon fight or snowball fight? Water balloon fight