Rodly Jean

  • Dawn or midnight? Midnight
  • Design a bank or a movie studio? Design a bank
  • Snake in a boat or bee in a car? Bee in a car
  • Diri djon djon or soup joumou? Both
  • Argue the point or let it go? Argue the point
  • Miami Deco or New York Deco? Miami Deco
  • Scary or funny? Scary
  • Start first sketch or finish last rendering? Finish last rendering
  • Revolution or run for office? Revolution
  • Caribbean or Pacific? Caribbean
  • Sleep on the problem or up till it’s fixed? Sleep on the problem
  • French or English? English
  • Pelican or flamingo? Flamingo
  • Night at the opera or day at the beach? Day at the beach
"When you look at a design, it's not just a box or a space but a character, it has perspective, it speaks, it possesses a spirit to it that evokes all types of emotions depending on the design. That's the part I love about architecture and interior design."