Studio Pup

Ruby Tulip Talulah

  • Meat or Vegetarian? Meat
  • Walk in a line or zig-zag? Zig-zag
  • Alamo Square or Crissy Field? Alamo Square
  • Staycation or Cross-country flight? Cross-country flight
  • Hunt birds or squirrels? Birds... loose feathers actually
  • Au natural or accessorized? Accessorized
  • Perfectly coiffed or shaggy & wild? Shaggy & wild
  • Predictable or keep them guessing? Keep them guessing
  • Shy and demure or loud and proud? Loud and proud
  • Independent or co-dependent? Co-dependent
  • Work or play? Play
  • Chase a ball or chase an ice cube? Ice cube
  • Hang with people or play with dogs? Both. At the same time.
  • Abstract art or Russian literature? Abstract art
“Sure, I dream of a doghouse, a yard, laying around with nothing to do. But this is San Francisco. I'm a working girl. I have to be. I go to the office every day.”