3D Designer/Design Assistant

Samantha Calabrese

  • Carnegie Hall or Brooklyn Academy of Music? Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Teach or be taught? Both
  • Skunk or porcupine? Porcupine
  • Shoes too tight or socks too loose? Shoes too tight
  • Emily Dickinson or Sylvia Plath? Emily Dickinson
  • Orange juice or mimosa? Mimosa
  • Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge? Golden Gate Bridge
  • Landscape or interior? Interior
  • 105 or 5 below zero? 105
  • Miss your flight or fly into storm? Fly into storm
  • Sing for the crowd or dance for the crowd? Sing for the crowd
  • Yankees or Dodgers Yankees
  • Chemistry or music? Chemistry
  • Canoe or motorcycle? Motorcycle
  • Ancient Egypt or ancient Rome? Ancient Rome
“I think that was probably the reason I became an architect—that museum [Daniel Libeskind’s Holocaust Museum in Berlin]. Because it was like my first experience with performative architecture and how architecture can make you feel an emotion as passionately as a painting.”