Senior Project Architect

Samuel Lee

  • Butter or peanut butter? Butter
  • Design an airport or design a café? Design a café
  • Giants or Niners? Niners
  • Jazz or bluegrass? Jazz
  • Marble or granite? Granite
  • Nob Hill or Telegraph Hill? Nob Hill
  • Pebble Beach or Augusta? Augusta
  • People to Mars or robots only? People to Mars
  • Shoe down the river or hat in a tree? Hat in a tree
  • Spirited opposition or unanimous consent? Unanimous consent
  • Surprise party or know in advance? Surprise party
  • Thomas Edison or Leonardo Da Vinci? Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Work all night or move the deadline? Move the deadline
  • Write your speech or off the cuff? Write your speech
"I got into crab fishing last season. During the pandemic, staying at home most of the time got me itching to be outdoors more with nature and family bonding time with the nephews. It’s one of the few occasions we can hang out together. It’s the joy of catching your own bounty—even if I catch none, it’s still pretty enjoyable."