Project Designer - Brand

Sarah Hotchin

  • Cozy or spacious? Cozy
  • Country rhythms or city rhythms? You can’t go in between can you?
  • Spice Bazaar or Sahaflar? Spice Bazaar
  • Fitzroy or St. Kilda? Fitzroy
  • Red carpet or enter through the kitchen? Enter through the kitchen
  • Read reviews or go in blind? Go in blind
  • Gingerbread or lemon loaf? Gingerbread
  • Dame Edna or Hugh Jackman? Dame Edna
  • French windows or picture window? French windows
  • Steer or stallion? Steer
  • Wait for a ride or walk back home? Walk back home
  • Share the bad mood or keep it to yourself? Keep it to yourself
  • Read her letters or read her biography? Read her letters
  • Repair the old bridge or build a new one? Repair the old bridge
“I think I’m always one that listens to life’s gifts. So when life has this little taster in front of you, I’m always curious. And I listen to it and I gently take it and I move forward with it. I don’t know why I’m here to be honest. I just think life opened up something, and I went with it very gently.”