Project Designer

Shannen Ferreira

  • Act on stage or act on screen? Act on stage
  • Elk or wolf? Wolf
  • New paint or weathered wood? Weathered wood
  • Take offense or let it go? Let it go
  • Larimer Square or Ferry Building? Ferry Building
  • Pop-up or for the ages? For the ages
  • Glass tower or wood-frame house? Wood-frame house
  • Burger in a bag or burger on a plate? I’m vegetarian
  • Broadway or Off Broadway? Broadway
  • Thick weave or high thread count? High thread count
  • Ski slope or ski lodge? Ski lodge
  • Challenge the result or make the best of it? 50/50
  • Repurpose or build from scratch? Repurpose
  • Shakespeare or Chekhov? Shakespeare
“The one thing I did get to do before I retired [from singing] was sing the national anthem at the Oakland A’s. You’re acapella, there’s no accompaniment. So it’s really easy to go off key. Also when you’re out there on the field there’s almost a 2-second delay of an echo. So you sing “Oh say…” and you hear, “Oh say…” It is so hard! But when I walked by the dugout the whole team was like, 'That was great!'”