Executive Assistant

Stefani Ferreira

  • South Bay or City? South Bay
  • Sing or Dance? Sing
  • Lose your keys or lose your phone? Lose your keys
  • Popcorn or kettle corn? Truffle popcorn!
  • Medical Research or interior design? Interior design
  • Bat in the chimney or rat in the cellar? Bat in the chimney
  • Young Tom Hanks or old Tom Hanks? Young Tom Hanks
  • Zebra or Giraffe? Giraffe
  • Sunflowers or Starry Night? Sunflowers
  • Walk on the beach or Swim in the ocean? Walk on the beach
  • California Dreamin' or Dream a Little Dream of Me? Dream a Little Dream of Me
  • Freezing in short sleeves or sweating in long sleeves? Sweating in long sleeves
  • Beat your mom or let your mom win? Let your mom win
  • Rollercoaster or Ferris Wheel? Rollercoaster
“I’m always attracted to the ocean. It brings me a sense of serenity and calmness. It’s amazing how my mindset shifts when I’m sitting on the beach just listening to the water.”