Tannaz Torabi

  • Canadians or Californians? Canadians
  • Ash-e reshte or Ash-e doogh? Ash-e reshte
  • Montreal or Melbourne? Melbourne
  • Join the tour or lead the tour? Both
  • Music up loud or turn it down? Music up loud
  • Design a store or design a hotel? Design a store
  • Full color or black and white? Black and white
  • North Beach or the Mission? North Beach
  • Walk on the beach or walk by a creek? Walk on the beach
  • Falcon or dove? Dove
  • Zaha Hadid or Farshid Moussavi? Farshid Moussavi
  • Keep a secret or share a secret? Keep a secret
  • Gym or yoga? Gym
  • Early to the airport or just make your flight? Early to the airport
“When I was a kid my father used to have this projector and he had a great collection of Charlie Chaplin movies. And I would invite my parents and put it on and we would laugh. Sometimes the projector would get hot and it would stop working.”