Verda Alexander

  • Past or Future? Future
  • Tartan or Toile? Tartan
  • Gallery or Museum? Gallery
  • Full moon or Crescent moon? Full moon
  • South America or North America? South America
  • Walk the dog or Feed the chickens? Walk the dog
  • Dinner party or Watch TV? Watch TV
  • Podcast or Music? Music
  • Fiesta or Siesta? Siesta
  • Sculpting or Silk Screening? Sculpting
  • Leather or Cashmere? Cashmere
  • Print or Digital? Print
  • Tamales or Lumpia? Tamales
“It can be hard to turn off the right brain and be more creative. It's been my struggle to get back to the creative. Part of it is to let go and have fun. If I use my right brain too much I can forget how to switch back.”