Project Designer

Zoe Albean

  • Oahu or Kauai? Kauai
  • 2. Brick or wood? Wood
  • Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel? Captain Marvel
  • Sun Devils Men’s or Sun Devils Women’s? Sun Devils Women’s
  • Go in late or wait for the next screening? Go in late
  • Peppermint or butterscotch? Peppermint
  • Build a bench or buy a bench? Build a bench
  • Ohana or on your own? Ohana
  • River view or mountain view? River view
  • Cactus or palm? Palm
  • Complain to the manager or don’t go back? Complain to the manager
  • Coffee late or champagne early? Champagne early
  • Black and white or full color? Full color
  • Beach or lanai? Beach
“I make jewelry. I weld stuff. I was inspired by my last working partner. She’s 75, still working and doing jewelry on the side and making these awesome little mini-sculptures. And I was like, If you can do it after work I can do it after work.”
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